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The International Telecom Union awarded a major software project that would enable it to compare the real cost of telecom services to telecom users in various countries.

The software facilitated the capture and storage of telecom tariff data for various kinds of telecom services including fixed line basic telephony, mobile telephony, local calling, national calling, international calling, internet access and so on for multiple service providers in all countries.

The software also had detailed mechanisms for comparing the actual cost of usage to the user, factoring in various components like monthly rentals, other committed charges, pulse rates, differential rates for different call destinations at different times of the day, average usage and so on.

The software had a simple user interface and was meant to be used by the common telecom user. Data input by various users could be stored on a central database and then made available to all other users around the world for efficient comparison of call costs.

Platform used for development was Visual Basic with Oracle as the back-end database.