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Who knows what the future has in stock for any of us!

We see ourselves largely committed to moving vast quantities of data securely and reliably between large number of users. So, God willing, we see ourselves playing a significant role in:

  1. Being the leading provider of on-line tests and testing tools to companies and academic institutions for selection and performance evaluation of applicants, employees and students.
  2. Taking education to the masses by providing the crucial logistic link between content providers (academic institutions) and delivery channels (internet service providers, wireless and wired connectivity providers and so on).
  3. Facilitating delivery of broadband content of types other then education - entertainment such as movies and TV programs and music
  4. Making corporate networks more-and-more secure so that data integrity is not compromised.
  5. Streamlining and automating the issuance of Indian passports all over the world including all Indian embassies and consulates world-wide and all passport offices within India.
  6. Facilitating the use of technology in other government applications such as police work, eGovernance and so on.